antoinette poisson – all about details

At the end of a little paved courtyard on a quiet street in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, lies an atelier where magic is made.  Antoinette Poisson was created in 2012 by Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly & Jean-Baptiste Martin, each trained in the restoration of old wall paper.    They shared a love for 18th century design, and actually came up with the idea of Antoinette Poisson while working on the renovation of a chateau in Auvergne, central France.


They found scraps of 18th century Dominote paper behind layers of more recent papers and decided to launch a company that  would reproduce 18th century designs.   This is an ambitious project.

Not only is the paper hand made for them in southern France, but each design is hand printed and most amazingly hand coloured, in watercolours.   Yes you read that right, and when I tell you that they produce wall paper, also hand painted, you will understand just how exceptional their products are.

Today, they have branched out from wall paper and also offer hand printed and painted sheets of individual paper, as well as a small range of hand made items, in true 18th century style, and hand printed fabric by the meter.

This is the sort of brand that I adore.   Working with passion, to produce the extraordinary every day.

I admire the dedication they put into their work, and the way they have made the concept of hand coloured wall paper totally acceptable.   They are unique in offering this kind of products and are highly sought after.

It is great pleasure that we chose them as a collaborator for our Box No. 4 coming in November ! Beautiful, timeless gifts await…