apicia and creator claire lafon

It’s that time of the year when Spring is about to burst forth, but we all need a little extra pick me up. For our May box, we’ve got just the thing, and we want to give you a sneak peek of our newest partner from Paris, Apicia. We’re keeping the actual products included in the box as a surprise, but we wanted to give you a tour of their heavenly universe…

Apicia is named for the Greek Word “Apis” which means bees. The creator Claire Lafon is passionate about bees, and transmitting their natural and ecological products to the world.

Claire has always been interested in natural therapies, and increasingly became fascinated by bees and their hives. The broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits derived from pollen and honey became her focus. She realized that these products only exhibit their extraordinary virtues if they meet strict quality criteria, so it became evident that she should create a company around bee products, and put apitherapy back into fashion.

Claire explains, “For me, apitherapy is more than a natural way to take care of your health; it is a philosophy of life that leads us to think more broadly about what we eat and what we put on our skin. But it is also about how we envision our well-being, our health and the balance of our planet. With Apicia, I dream of a kind of gentle revolution, through beauty rituals and daily habits. The extraordinary virtues of the products of the hive for health and beauty have a multitude of facets that are still being discovered.”

We look forward to bringing you the benefits of Apicia in our May box, with the themeĀ White Blossoms.