artisans of france: bourg- joly malicorne

For our latest Artisans of France Box, we are thrilled to offer a collection of Bourg-Joly Malicorne’s handmade, earthenware eggs.

For a bit of back story on Malicorne and why we chose them, read on!


In 1747, in the verdant Sarthe Valley, Jean Louise founded a company to create tin-glazed and enameled earthenware.

The original production replicated designs that already existed in metal or wood, but as the company’s reputation grew, they acquired a more demanding clientele. With their desire for increasingly elegant pieces came the start of Bourg-Joly Malicorne.

Founder Jean-Louis’ new process involved using white clay to create more intricate shapes, and he developed fresh techniques for moulding, calibration and trimming to create stunning pieces that soon became famous throughout France.

Over two and a half centuries later, these techniques have barely changed. Forever known for their delicate pieces – both classic and contemporary – Malicorne will be enjoyed by generations to come.


For our Artisans of France Box, we are excited to offer three of their handmade and hand-painted earthenware eggs. Adorned with designs, they’re impossibly charming and perfect for decorating a table – simply display in the pretty scalloped bowl we included for you in the Box.


Select gorgeous green, blue or grey for the color of your egg trio.

No matter the color you choose, you will have variety in three different hand-painted designs – the “Hot Air Balloon” design, the “Moustiers” design and the “St Omer” design.


We tend to sell out quickly. Reserve your own intricate display set from Bourg-Joly Malicorne by placing your order HERE!

mfch magazine march/april 2020

To read more about Bourg-Joly Malicorne, find the full article in the latest issue of My French Country Home Magazine.

Now available to view online for free HERE!