a box immortalized in watercolors


One of the most rewarding things about our boxes is seeing how they inspire you. Recently we received an email that took our breath away, and we knew that we had to share the content of the mail with you.

Ann Kissane Engelhart, a watercolor artist and illustrator, discovered us while researching a trip to France, and we’ve been fortunate to count her among our box clients since then. When she received our February box, she was inspired to paint it,  and you can see the result above. Long after the perfume from the box has faded, she has rendered the box immortalized in watercolors. We absolutely adore the way she captured the luxuriousness and femininity that was embodied by our inspiration for the box, Marie Antoinette.


Fromage Le Bistrot de Paradou Ann Kissane Engelhart- A Box Immortalized in Watercolors

An avid Francophile, Ann is inspired by the simplicity of the beauty of everyday objects as well as nature. After her trip to France last year, she also created these paintings in commemoration. The cheese platter above makes our mouths water!

St Paul de Mausole watercolor Ann Kissane Engelhart- A Box Immortalized in Watercolors

Ann has illustrated 7 children’s books and teaches watercolor painting in her home in New York, as well as art for instutitions and non-profits. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, you can visit her website here or her Instagram here. Thank you so much, Ann, for sharing your talent with us- we are so pleased to have the box immortalized in watercolors!