Justine Lacoste and her husband Jean are modern French artisans who share a passion for simplicity, authenticity and unique designs. The couple works from their studio in the heart of the Charente Region of Southwest France. Justine focuses on the creative and Jean on the production, and together they form Epure.

The beautiful ceramic creations are the fruit of a long standing love affair between Justine and porcelain. When she was seeking a new direction personally and professionally, she met people from the world of ceramics and saw a new path for herself.  As a naturally curious person, Justine finds inspiration  in art, fashion, the countryside and her friends.

As she began to develop her ceramics business, her style became more clearly defined. Porcelain has a bit of a mind of its own, and the final form is not always what one sets out to create. Justine and Jean have an aptitude for this, letting organic shapes produce themselves and appreciating different uses for objects.

Today the line ranges from delicate mugs to imprinted plates, patterned cutting boards and gorgeous lampshades – all in the leaf-like ceramic that the couple forms so finely. Everything continues to be made by hand and created with the values of simplicity and beauty. The white and grey palette, with flecks of gold that Epure is known for, make for beautiful everyday objects.