how to clean and maintain copper

Jun 3, 2020 | Artisans of France, Craftsmanship, Lifestyle

Since partnering with Atelier du Cuivre for our latest Artisans of France Box, we wanted to share with you how to clean and maintain your copper products. If done properly – they should last a lifetime.


Copper has been used in many forms around the home for centuries. It is a durable, adaptable and attractive metal, but it does require a bit of care to keep it looking fresh and clean.

How often you clean your copper goods is entirely up to you. Some people enjoy the look of natural aging and choose to leave its organic finish. But if you prefer to retain or restore the metal’s natural shine, here are some ways to do so:

For general cleaning – After each use, wash gently with a sponge or microfiber cloth with your usual dishwashing solution. Dry immediately after with a clean, soft cloth.

When cleaning your copper products, it is important to not be aggressive as you do not want to scratch it. Always make sure to use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning, polishing or drying.

Cleaning with Cuivre’Or Solution – Using a soft cloth or sponge – take some of the paste and gently smooth over the entire copper area. Then rinse with hot water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

When using any kind of copper cleaning solution, just remember to wash with soap before each treatment using the general cleaning method above.

For a more natural approach – below are some household items that are great alternatives for a deeper clean:

Lemon juice – For tougher spots, mix some lemon juice with baking soda or salt (make sure it is dissolved before using) and use as a solution to wipe the copper. Rinse and dry immediately afterwards with a clean soft cloth.

Other household items that are said to do the trick is ketchup or a mixture of vinegar and salt. Both of these natural cleaning solutions have an acidic makeup which can help restore your copper product to its original shine.


We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to clean and maintain your copper products!

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