oh la la! our february box is called la parisienne

Welcome to our new video, it’s all about La Parisienne!


Along with the video, we are very excited to announce the theme of the February box – it will be called La Parisienne, and it will be quite spectacular.

We have curated the gifts to represent some of the essential qualities of a true Parisienne.    Her style, her divine perfume, her love of the city and her je ne sais quoi that makes her so chic.

We hope you like this video, that we filmed especially to give you a taste of this essential Paris.  As we follow the mysterious and beautiful woman through Paris, we wonder what she has in her bag, which perfume she wears, and who she is going to meet.

bridge over river in paris

Of course we are not revealing the contents of the box, because we don’t want to spoil your surprise, but we are proud to tell you that one of our partners for the box will be Annick Goutal, famous for their divine fragrances …..

If you would like to order the Parisienne box for yourself then just click here and choose whether you want a recurring subscription, or a one-off purchase.   Also, if you’d like to gift this special box to someone dear, then just leave us a message and we’ll be happy to send you a printable card that you can slip in an envelope beneath the tree, and tell them that their gift will be with them in February!