petrusse brings art and heritage to life in fabric

We are excited to say we are partnering with Petrusse for the November 2018 My Stylish French Box

Petrusse is named for the brand’s Dutch-born founder, Petrusse Reynen, an antiques dealer and gallery owner. Her passion for fabrics and the art of weaving by hand prompted her to release her first collection 20 years ago, and the label has been known ever since for its quality and Eastern-inspired prints.

We at My Stylish French Box are particularly fond of the label’s mascot, Petrusse’s fox terrier Paulo. He even has a headscarf named after him!

Fox terrier mascot, Petrusse Paris- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

Petrusse draws inspiration for her collections from many sources- art, literature, antique fabrics- but it was cashmere which inspired the beginning of her label. At once a country, a motif, and a fabric, Petrusse modernized this for the current market, basing many of her designs off of her personal fabric collection.

Creation of Petrusse Paris- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

Just like us and our watercolor artists, she works with an artist (or writer) every season- as a former gallery owner, she keeps a connection between her brand and her love for art. Petrusse has been commissioned to create scarves for Parisian museums like the Musée d’Orsay, as well as heritage sites around France like the Château de Chambord.

Petrusse drawing designs for Petrusse Paris- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

The company is based south of Bordeaux in the beautiful Château Mauriac, one of the former homes of the family of Nobel Prize-winning author François Mauriac. Also located on the estate is a cultural center named for the author. Petrusse purchased the château as the new headquarters for her company and draws inspiration from the surrounding nature and the cultural heritage of the estate.

Petrusse’s beautiful stoles and scarves make the perfect winter accessory for men and women alike. Are you excited to see which of her creations might be in the November box? Don’t forget to order yours by clicking HERE !