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Underwhelmed with November box

I loved getting the French Box but must have been one of the rare few who were not overwhelmed with the November box. I was very disappointed With the custom scarf- I would call it a pocket square or handkerchief- it is not large enough to wear as a scarf? I think you should have made it twice the size to really be useful.I was looking forward to the little box of chocolates that looked so beautiful in the marketing material but was very disappointed when mine contained pastel M&M’s-not very special.I also thought you missed the opportunity to be festive for the holiday- everything was so dark. I took a break from this next box- I loved the concept as I love all things French but felt a bit disappointed with that last box. I have to reconsider the indulgence. Wanted to pass my sincere review for your consideration.

Tammy Franz-Mallen
February 14, 2020

A Question

I fell in love with the scarf you pictured in your November box. I have not subscribed to the boxes but would LOVE to purchase a scarf if there are any to be purchased. In May I’ll be staying for three weeks on l’Isle St Louis not far from a shop that I think is the Marcadabou boutique…if not solely that name, it carries the scarves. Cannot wait to go visit it and see her selection. Your custom scarf is so lovely. Merci bien.

Susie Kaylor
February 13, 2020

Most beautiful gift

I ordered the 2019 Daughter box for my 20 year old daughter for her Christmas present. Opening the box and seeing what was inside bought tears to her eyes. It was all so beautiful and to watch her genuine emotional reaction was so special. Thank you for your amazing choices, we would never see these gorgeous products in New Zealand.





Dear Jo,

What a lovely gift to give to your daughter! Such a beautiful story to share with us. We are so touched to hear that we could help make this moment special. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year. Thank you so much for your order!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Jo Dennis
December 25, 2019

Amazing first French Box

November’s box was my first and now I am hooked. I am an avowed Francophile and especially love owning unique French products that are hard to find in the US. My Stylish French Box’s contents are amazing and the quality top notch. I especially love the beautiful necklace and the liquid soap, which has the most intoxicating yet delicate rose scent. I look forward to my February box. Thank you!





Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review on our November Box! The Gisel B necklace in this Box is just divine. It is so nice to hear that our chosen French contents are enjoyed. Thank you so much for being a client with us! Our February Boxes will be shipping mid-February, we can’t wait!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Lisa W.
December 24, 2019

Love your boxes!

To let you know that in one of the previous boxes I did receive the bowl from the above picture.  USE IT is an understatement!!  It has been a serving bowl on the table, cooked in, I have sprouted plants in it, held fresh herbs from the farmer’s market and used to  hold eggs in the fridge.  Of course bowls can be used so many ways but this the one item I probably use the most out of the 12 or so boxes that I have received.  Wait—the other item is linen or maybe candles.  Candles, always get burned and then used as vases or gifted to friends.  

Your boxes are a delight to receive and many of my friends have subscribed because of having received gifts from be from the boxes.

Thank you for all the effort that it takes to come up with these treasure boxes.  They are appreciated.

Be well and enjoy the Holiday season.

Karen Mpitsos




Hi Karen, thank you so much for letting us know how often you use your bowl.   We are preparing another cooking themed box for February, and I hope you love the contents every bit as much.
Happy Holidays to you and your family

December 11, 2019

Love MSFB!

I’ve been ordering the boxes for more than a year now and wanted to take a moment to just say thank you! The selections you make suit my style perfectly. The box is always wrapped beautifully too! Each time a shipment is announced I find myself watching the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.. and it usually only takes a couple of days! Crazy with it coming from France. Another great thing- I love hearing about the brands! I wouldn’t know about these brands unless I subscribed. They’re unique and luxurious, and just simply perfect. Thank you! Looking forward to the November box!!





Dear Susan,

Wow, what a wonderful review! We are just as eager to ship our Boxes, as you are to receiving them. It is such a pleasure to hear that you enjoy the wrapping, it is a special detail that we’ve always made sure to pay close attention to. We take pleasure in bringing France to our clients! Thank you for being a client with us for so long and taking the time to write!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

October 10, 2019

Just wow!

This was my first time ordering a box. I really saw it as a treat for myself and boy was it! The whole experience of opening it was delightful. Opening the lid, a beautiful smell of lavender… inside perfectly wrapped little presents to be discovered one by one. I loved everything that was picked and adore the artist that was chosen for this year – Sempe- what a treat!! Get a box! You certainly won’t be disappointed!




Dear Cindy,

What a glowing review, we couldn’t be happier that you loved the box so much! Sempé is one of our favorites too and we feel so fortunate to have been able to commission work from him exclusively for our boxes this year. The scent upon opening the box is a detail we take very seriously- it must smell delicious!- and we’re so glad you liked the lavender scent in our August box. Thank you for being a client and we hope to have you with us for many boxes to come!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

Cindy Fuller
October 6, 2019

I love the box except for…

I love the whole concept of this box. The quality is wonderful and I know you put a lot of thought into it. My biggest concern is the art work as I have no place for any more art and also it is just not my style. Art is extremely personal and I know it is difficult to please everyone. Is it possible to substitute art for something else? I would think it would be fairly easy to offer an alternative. I signed up for the yearly boxes but probably will cancel if we keep getting this in the boxes. Just trying to be truthful!




Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for your review and for your feedback about the art in the boxes! Each year we work with a different artist to create 4 custom prints, exclusive to the box, with the intent that at the end of the year, anyone who has received all 4 boxes will be able to frame them together. We completely agree that art is very personal! Many of our clients give items from the boxes as gifts, which is an option for the art pieces that you don’t wish to keep. Our artist will be changing for the February box so we hope their work is more to your taste. We appreciate your honesty and are sure that you’ll enjoy the pieces that are included in future boxes!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

October 1, 2019

Waited for a good one

I ordered the August 2018 box as a little treat for myself. Just opening it was an experience – the box, tissue, fragrance wafting from the tissue……I was beyond excited to receive it.
I’m in Kansas and was introduced to your book via Nell Hills and thereafter your website. Although the concept of the boxes is fabulous, I had not seen anything that I thought “oh wow, that is something that I would buy and just screams France.” But I took a chance on the kitchen box. Kitchen is the heart of our home and I hoped that I had chosen the correct box. Luckily I had.
I loved pretty much everything in it- the apron, teatowel, copper cannelé molds, the chocolate mix- all Fabuleux!!
The bowl–I LOVE–use it all of the time for cracking eggs in and to hold my garlic when not in use. It sits on my countertop every day. I love the copper candle container, but NOT the scent. I leave it out, but with the lid on. I was hoping for lavender or a flower or natural scent like cinnamon as opposed to a heavy perfume.
I have continued to view the website and look at the boxes as they come out, but have been disappointed with what I have seen. I was on the fence about the Paris box and actually glad I didn’t order it. ~Sorry~
Sharon, please do another kitchen box or something similar–maybe a Provence box – Tuscany – Normandy! ~or other beautiful towns……….. I can only imagine the extraordinary fragrances and soaps….Maybe a beautiful glass brocante dish for rings or soap, brocante linen towels ~more items like the sugar tongs. The artwork is nice, but so small…..the cards lovely, but envelopes would be better- they are harder to find than you might realize. Calendar books, journals, etc would be fabulous….Sweet treats—what girl- from anywhere- doesn’t love a sweet treat!!! OOOOH MACARONS!
Those are some of things I imagine myself purchasing on a fabulous shopping journey in France. They bring a feeling of tranquility, softness, relaxation – a slower paced life……at least to me!
I say this only because I noticed in your last email sent out – that if we had ideas or requests, to forward them to you.
Merci – Bonne Nuit
Thank you for letting me get a little bit of France in my home, until I can get there myself (next year – fingers crossed!!~)




Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your lovely review of our August 2018 kitchen box and for your feedback on what you would like to see in future boxes! We always take our clients’ ideas and opinions into account when curating our boxes so we’re thankful to hear what you think. We hope the next box you choose to receive surpasses all your expectations!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

September 19, 2019

Unique experience

I have been counting down the days waiting for My Stylish French Box . It was fabulous . Every package was a treat and there is also the smell of laverder that permeates through the whole box. It was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. Heavenly treat. I was lucky enough to travel to Paris and the Loire Valley and carnt get enough of the french flavour. It is so unique. Thanks to Sharon and team for searching out the french gifts.I am looking foward to the November box and the theme . So exciting.




Dear Vicki,

We agree that there is nothing in the world quite like the French je ne sais quoi! Lavender is such a iconic Provence scent and we hope that opening the box transported you there, if only for a moment. Thank you so much for being a client and for sharing your review!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

Vicki Levings
August 21, 2019

A treat!

Our rural mailman dropped off my very first Stylish French Box this morning. It is a lovely summer treat to receive during our New Zealand winter!! I have been looking forward to this as it is as close as I will get to France anytime soon!
When I purchased the box I did know I would have to pay extra customs duty to allow the box into NZ – I just didn’t realise it would be an extra $156 on top of the box purchase price each time. So as much as I would love to subscribe for a box every quarter I will have to just get the box occasionally.




Dear Tracey,

Thank you for sharing your first box experience, we are so pleased that we could share a little bit of Provence summer with you during your winter months! We completely understand the frustration of the additional customs duty into New Zealand and wish there was something we could do to make it easier for you to receive boxes, but are very happy to hear you wish to continue to receive boxes on an occasional basis 🙂

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

Tracey Clarke
August 20, 2019

so excited!

My friend Louise gave me your box for my birthday in June! My word, what a surprise, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a beautifully wrapped, sweet smelling parcel in my whole life.

So I decided to gift myself a whole year of your boxes, and I simply cannot wait for the August box to arrive. Thank you so much Sharon and your team for creating this stunning product, you make me very happy

Tampa, FL




Dear Gemma,

How lovely to hear that your friend gifted you the box for your birthday! We are so pleased to hear that you loved it enough to subscribe for a year, and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about all the boxes to come in your yeary subscription.

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

Gemma T
July 25, 2019

Beautiful Blues

I loved the May box and it’s theme of blue. I use the Gien Oiseau Blue cup to drink my tea at work and it give me such pleasure to look at it on my desk. Everything was beautiful, the necklace and scarf especially and the beautiful antique tea towel.
It’s such a lovely treat to receive this box, thank you




Dear Gemma,

Thank you for being a client and for this lovely review of the May box! We always enjoy hearing how our clients are using the gifts from the box in your everday lives, and are so pleased to hear that the Gien mug has found its place on your desk at work.

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

Gemma Holmes
June 13, 2019

Just Beautiful

It was a treat beyond any I could have imagined – to be able to sample this curated collection of gorgeous French finds, and in my favorite colors, no less! I’ve been a long-time follower of your blog and have watched you grow and prosper, and it has been a delight to vicariously share your journey. My first indulgence was “My Stylish French Girlfriends” – which I love! Then I subscribed to your digital magazine – a delightful peek into the lives of creative and strong French women. And now this wonderful gifted box…. your style, creativity, and ingenuity never disappoint. I am fully enjoying the luscious scent of my candle, the beautiful blue linen scarf, and my morning coffee in my bluebird mug. The lovely antique napkin is actually large enough that it is adorning my nightstand. I can’t wait to travel with my new linen pouches, and I’m searching for a frame for the adorable print. The stationery is getting put to a special use – being mindful of my time to create art in my studio and jotting down ideas as they pop into my head. As for the stunning Bohm necklace….. the admiring eyes of my college-aged daughter were not to be resisted – she is the new lucky owner!

Thank you so very much again –




Dear Jean,

So very pleased to hear not only how much you loved the May box but also that you were able to share some of the pieces with your own daughter! We are so happy that you were able to receive this box as one of our May giveaway winners and enjoy some beautiful French products in your own home 🙂

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

June 5, 2019

My Favorite so far!

I do believe this May box is my favorite so far! I love and will use everything in it! When the box arrives I feel like I’m at my own birthday party unwrapping my gifts. The first thing I do when I open the white box is inhale. I know that a delightful fragrance will greet me even before I open the tissue. This sets the mood for opening the contents. Then I go on to discover the treasures inside.
Thank you for the time and expertise you put into making these boxes so special.





Dear Vicky,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience receiving the box with us! We’re so glad you love the scent when you open the box, it’s a special little touch that we’ve always made sure to include and it’s so nice to hear that you appreciate it. It’s our absolute pleasure to send you birthday gifts four times a year!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

June 3, 2019

Love this box!

I absolutely love the Blue and White box!! This is my second box (the August kitchen box was the first) and I have not been disappointed in the least. Just sad I did not also get the 9th box. I love the scarf and actually have already worn it as I flew to Philadelphia, I am always cold on planes and this was perfect with navy pants white t-shirt and navy and white jacket. The linen cloth is amazing and to be personally monogrammed is a real bonus. Each of the items are exquisite and truly show that they were thoughtfully chosen. Thank you for spreading a little bit of Paris around the world and especially to Omaha, Nebraska.





Dear Sandy,

We are thrilled you enjoyed the Blue and White box! The scarf makes such a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and we are so pleased it’s already flown with you from Omaha to Philadelphia. Thank you so much for being a client and for taking the time to write a review!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Sandy P.
May 29, 2019

Love Blue & White

As someone who wears blue and white and has a blue and white kitchen I am delighted with the May box. I am visiting Paris this August and will be sure to take my new Letol scarf, to be right in style. Merci beaucoup!





Dear Carolyn,

It certainly sounds like this box was designed for you! We are so happy you enjoyed all the contents and what fun that the scarf will make its way back to Paris for what I’m sure will be a very special trip.

Wishing you all the best,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Carolyn W.
May 29, 2019

A Feast for the Senses

Dearest Sharon and your wonderful team,

Please accept my sincere gratitude for one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts that I have ever had the pleasure to receive.

Every single item is exquisite and all my senses are totally indulged by them.

The magazine is fantastic and some of the photographs are works of art.

I will sign up to receive a subscription within the next few days and I will be looking forward to the next issue.





Dear Bronwyn L-C,

Thank you so much for writing! It is so wonderful to hear from clients like yourself and we are so thrilled that you enjoyed the Blue and White box. It certainly is one of our favorites, but we find ourselves saying that every time! Also, thank you for your kind words about the magazine. It has been an exciting new venture for us and we are so happy you like it.

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Bronwyn L-C
May 22, 2019


Dear Sharon,
I received the May box a couple of days ago and waited to open it when I had some quiet time to enjoy. The contents are stunning! As I am a blue and white fanatic, I found all of your choices first rate and beautiful. They are items I will enjoy for years to come (especially the scarf)! And… the magazine. Oh my goodness, it is impressive and also first rate. The photographs are wonderful and the stories look interesting and captivating. I will save it for another day to enjoy at my leisure. Since I have not been able to access the magazine on-line, I am thrilled to have a hard copy in my hands! Thank you Sharon and staff for such thoughtful and amazing gifts and a superior magazine!
Kindest regards,
Terri Smith
Dallas, Texas





Dear Terri,

Merci beaucoup! We are so happy you enjoyed all the little gifts in this latest box. Our team has such fun picking out each one for you to enjoy. The magazine is certainly a special and exciting new venture for us! Thank you so much for your words of support and we are so thrilled that you love it!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Terri Smith
May 22, 2019


I just received my first box today. Oh my goodness!!!! Total perfection. I am so happy to have finally taken the plunge and purchased the box. Everything in it is just fabulous. I will definitely be purchasing again and again.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful box available and for such fine choices for the box.
J. Kay





Dear Jeanie,

Yay! Happy dance! We are so happy you liked all of the contents in the Blue and White box. Thank you so much for your order. We hope you love all your upcoming boxes.

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Jeanie Kay
May 21, 2019

Loving my first box!

I’ve just received my first box and I’m in heaven! The packaging is beautiful, and I love all the gifts, and the wafting fresh scent is so delightful. A wonderful way to end my day – thank you thank you. So happy. And the magazine! What a treat! Thank you for delivering a little bit of France to my front door.





Dear Bethany,

Each box is lovingly packaged by our team and spritzed with a beautiful scent for you to enjoy. These boxes are about treating you to something special and beautiful and we are so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Bethany @ Marchioness Home & Garden
May 21, 2019


I received my box today and told my husband that this was my mother’s day gift. As I opened it and took out each item it was like Christmas. I just loved everything in the May box. I am delighted by it all. Thank you.





Dear Karen,

What a perfect gift from you, to you, for Mother’s Day! Enjoy! And thank you so much for your order! We are thrilled you enjoyed the box.

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Karen Schifman
May 21, 2019


I just received my very first box. I love it. I wish I could order an antique curated box as French antiques are my love. Everything in this box is lovely and the packaging is beautiful. I subscribe to a few boxes and this one is the best yet.






Dear Diane,

We are so pleased that you enjoyed your first Stylish French Box! The antique is certainly a special addition to each box – carefully found by one of our team members in local brocantes around France. Thank you so much for being a client!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Diane Martin
May 21, 2019


I have subscribed since the beginning. I am always so excited to open a new box. i always love candles and soap and the candle in the May 2019 box is especially pretty.
I didn’t mind that the notecards in a previous box didn’t have envelopes because I’ll frame the cards and hang them on the wall.
I don’t know whether I’ll ever wear the beret in a previous box but it’s such a cool thing to have! I just love receiving beautiful things I probably won’t go out and buy on my own . I think my favorite things are items from the brocante! Thank you for doing a great job.






Dear Dianne,

Thank you so much for being a client since the very beginning. We are so pleased that you are such a long-standing client! You’ll have to send us a picture of the cards all framed. I’m sure they will look beautiful! The beret in the February box is certainly a special item, as it is 100% Made in France and beautifully made when so many of them nowadays are not.

Thank you again for ordering and for your kind words! We are so thrilled that you enjoy the boxes.

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Dianne Davis
May 21, 2019

Thank you!

Dear Sharon and Emily,

Our daughter absolutely loves the ‘Daughter’s Box’, as do I.

Watching her open it Christmas morning was more than delightful, as was the magnificent smile on her face. She immersed herself in the masks the following week and talks to herself in French pottering about with the contents today. It is so sweet to watch and listen to.

I can see she feels very special when she receives comments on the pretty necklace and bracelet too.

You are wonderful ladies with a super team around you both to have taken time to create one more. I cannot thank you enough for the delight you helped bring our daughter.

Fondest regards,

Emma and Brad Pears






Dear Emma,

Thank you so much for your review of this very special box. It is so special to read about her opening it! We are so happy she enjoyed all the little presents. Merci beaucoup for your order!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Emma Pears
April 15, 2019

A Snowy Thank You

Though Spring is trying to break through here in Pennsylvania, grey skies persist and cold winds are blowing. It snowed overnight.

Arriving home from a trip, I couldn’t wait to open what is surely the most stylish French box in existence! An authentic French beret! The scent! I am back in Paris! It is Christmas morning! Every unwrapping is a delight.

To you and your staff, who perhaps helped gather and pack this wonderful surprise, I send my sincere thanks and good wishes.

With hopes to visit your charmed part of the world soon,
Dottie Monta




Dear Dottie!

We are so happy the box brought you right back to Paris with the smell and products. We hope it was a little sunshine on a snowy day. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review and for being a customer! Deciding on each of the products is an adventure for each box where each is carefully chosen for their quality, craftsmanship, and part in the boxes theme. Hearing from you makes our day and we are thrilled you loved the contents.

Thank you again,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Dottie Monta
March 25, 2019


I have received 3 boxes so far and I now have plenty of candles and soap. One of the candles is available at my local Walmart. Many of the items are very cool and are beautifully presented, but the final decision to cancel came in the February box.; it included beautiful note cards, but no envelopes!




Dear Denise

Thank you for your comment.   As you know from our replies to your emails we are always very happy to receive any feedback from our clients, and we take note of everything.

Regarding the candles and soap.   One of our criteria when curating the box is that the contents smell divine and include a home fragrance of some kind.  Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to send room sprays or other kinds of perfume, and candles are a great way to perfume your home and of course they can be shipped safely and without hindrance from transport regulations.  Personally I always have several candles on the go here at home, and am happy to discover new brands.

I am surprised that you say you can find one of our brands in Walmart.  We were certainly unaware of this.  When we approach new brands to supply for the box, we always ask whether they are distributed internationally, and if so where.

We have included soaps in several of our boxes.   I see that you received the Savon de Marseille in the August box and in the latest box you received the pretty Savonnerie de la Chapelle product which was the additional gift for our yearly and quarterly subscribers.   Again we feel that soaps are something we all use regularly, and they make pretty additions to a guest bathroom, or simply to spoil ourselves.

Regarding the lack of envelopes with the box of notecards illustrated by Jean Jacques Sempé.   As we mentioned in our email exchange with you on that subject, the cards are a fairly standard size and it is easy to find envelopes to fit them.   With space at a premium in our box, we felt it was preferable to have more of Sempé’s beautiful cards than to replace half of them with envelopes.


I hope that answers your questions, and that in the future you may be tempted to come back and try the box again, you will always be most welcome.


with kind wishes


Denise Labbe
February 28, 2019

Sharon, what a great box.

Sharon, what a great box. The only thing missing was instructions on how to wear the beret! I love the perfume and the lipstick . . . I love it all!!! You never seem to run out of wonderful ideas for each box.

Vicky Dickens
February 26, 2019

My First French Box

What an amazing, incredible treat! Before, I even mention the products, I have to tell you that the box itself is perfection, It can be reused and comes with a magnetic closure with a grosgrain tab to open. Each item was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and was arranged, as if by a close friend with a marvelous eye to detail. As for everything inside, I am over the moon ecstatic and absolutely adore everything. The candle smells divine, the beret is adorable, the pillbox is very cute and clever, the lipstick is a wonderful, soft red, the pochette is beautiful and the fabric is lovely. I love the illustrations of Jean-Jacques Sempes, so I was delighted to receive the notecard in addition to a print. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there is something about his work that is a bit reminiscent of Ludwig Bemelmans. The extra annual gift is the most delightfully scented bar of soap. I think I will use it as a sachet, so I can enjoy it even longer. However, my absolute favorite, was the perfumes from Annick Goutal. I am very specific about what scents I will wear, and I love wearing this. I, also, especially love the elegant, vintage type gold case, to store and protect the perfume when it is in your purse.
Over the past few years, I have tried a few different monthly boxes. This one has always intrigued me and for a while I was put off by the price. Well, it is worth every penny. The French Collection Box is even better than I expected. Thank you, Sharon and your wonderful team! You have brightened February in my little corner of the world. 💜




Dear Mary,

We are so happy that you loved each and every one of the contents, and that the box was over and beyond your expectations! We’re a small team putting care into each product choice and the wrapping of each item and we are so pleased you noticed this! Thank you so much for being a client and we hope you love all the additional boxes you will receive this year.

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Mary Oporto
February 23, 2019


After a crazy Monday at work, it was a Godsend that my French Box arrived yesterday. I had bought one for my sister and she was blown away with it so I finally splurged on me. One point that made me go for it was the mention of Annick Goutal. The fragrance reminds me of my business trips to Paris and the hotel where I stayed and they had the products in their rooms…just lovely. Opening the box it a true experience in itself and it felt like Christmas all over again. The first surprise was the French Beret, I have a small collection of French Beret that I have collected over the years and love my new addition and the bonus bag. The Annick Goutal fragrances in the gold case is a treasure as well. These are my 2 most favorite of the box and everything else just icing on the cake….no misses here, love them all. Thank you for taking me back to Paris and wishing I was there now.





Dear Debra,

Thank you so much for your review! We are so glad this box brought you right back to Paris with the scents and each of the items. And how perfect that the beret will be added to your collection! Merci for being a client!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Debra Paull
February 20, 2019

Merci Sharon!

Thank you so much Sharon! This is my fourth box and I absolutely love it! The perfume smells divine and I just love the chic little spray for my handbag. I am a long time admirer of Jean Jacque Sempé’s work, I remember so many of his covers for the New Yorker. I’ve never worn a beret before, and I was hesitant, but now I’ve tried it on, I think it is very cute on me, and I will be wearing it a lot this late winter and spring.

Thank you for all the care and planning you put into each of these boxes, they bring me very much pleasure indeed!

with best wishes from Texas





Dear Judy,

We love that you love the February box! It might be one of our favorites – but it’s hard to say as they are all so unique with different French artisans and creators. Sempé is fabulous and we are so happy you love his work. We see berets in France on women and men of all ages here-enjoy!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Judy G
February 19, 2019

Reminds Me of Paris

Just wanted to let you know that I love this box! I wore berets as a child. Love the perfume and the candle – Oh my goodness- the candle. Thank you! I feel like I’m in the 6th in the apartment I rented 2 years ago. Can’t wait to get back to Paris and France. I’m so happy that I re-subscribed.




Dear Colleen,

We are so happy this box was like a little trip to Paris for you! How lovely too that you wore berets as a child- I’m sure this brought back some fun memories! Thank you so much for re-subscribing and we hope you love all your future boxes!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Colleen T.
February 19, 2019

February Box 2019 Disappointing

I enjoyed receiving the November 2018 box. Mine was missing the necklace, but all it took was a quick email to the team and a necklace was mailed to me in time for me to enjoy it for the holidays. Thank you for such great customer service!

The February box, 2019, however, is a disappointment to me. I don’t particularly like the newest artist’s work so I’m not looking forward to receiving more of his artwork. Unfortunately, two of the items featured that art, the water color and the note cards…note cards with no envelopes, by the way. I’m bothered by scent and this box includes both perfume and a candle. The objet trouvé is a small pasteboard pill box…meh. Lastly, the box includes a beret. Seriously, a beret? It’s not 2016 when berets were a hot fashion item. The best item in the box is the red lipstick. It’s very sheer and will be a good color for most everyone. I subscribed for a whole year. I sure hope the next three boxes are filled with items that delight me.

I so wish I could have received last year’s spring box. I love the idea of a cookbook and copper molds. Anybody want to trade?




Dear Lisa,

We are so sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the February box and that some of the items were not your taste. So far we’ve received quite a lot of positive comments from our other subscribers. For the beret, you might be surprised to know that they’re still very much in fashion and are common sights on the streets of Paris!

Jean-Jacques Sempé is a very prominent French artist who became famous in the States with his work for the New Yorker, but we can understand how his work may not appeal to everyone.

Thank you so much for your yearly subscription, we are sure you will love the boxes for the rest of the year!

Kind regards,

Sharon & the MSFB team

L Manuel
February 19, 2019

November stylish french box

I was so excited to receive my first stylish French box. My absolute favourite was the scarf’
Although I did totally love everything .I love so much the candle holders. I had the perfect spot
on the wall to put them. I got so many compliments on them over the holidays. I am over the top excited about receiving
my February box , as I am a total Paris lover. I am so glad I bought a years subscription.
The very best in 2019.




Dear Rita,

Merci beaucoup for your review! We love that you had such a wonderful time over the holidays with decorating and snazzing up outfits with the items from the November box! Thank you so much for subscribing and we hope you enjoy the next box. We cannot wait to send this one out!

Kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Rita E Parker
January 9, 2019

merci, merci, merci!

Hi Sharon and team! Your boxes were delivered third week of November, but the three that I purchased were only just opened this weekend. I bought one for myself , one for my mum and one for my daughter, so I had to wait until I got everyone together. What can I say?! I do not know how you do this!

You curated a box that I love to bits (I’m 56) , but that also made my 81 year old mum very happy AND my 28 year old daughter! We had such a lovely time opening it together. I made a special table with little appetizers, and I even opened a bottle of bubbles! We sat together and opened each item slowly, reading the brochure as we went.

Thank you for the care you put into these boxes. This was my third time purchasing, and I love that each box is so different, but each one delightful. You have a client for life!!!

Patricia in Maine, USA




Dear Patricia,

We are so thrilled you enjoyed the November box! And what a special moment opening them together :-)We are pleased you enjoyed all the contents. Each is chosen carefully to be an item of quality with high craftsmanship, and a beautiful object that everyone will enjoy- of course with that fun element of surprise too! Thank you so much for being a client and your kind message. We can’t wait for you to receive the next box!

Kind wishes

The My Stylish French Box Team

Patricia Hagan
December 11, 2018

November Box

The August box was over the top and was such a treat to receive. When I opened the November box I was disappointed beyond words and will not continue to order as the cost it to much for such a let down. Had it contained the quality as the August box I would have continued to treat myself with the little French box.




Dear Sherry

I am very sorry to read your comment, and to learn that you were disappointed by your box.     All of our boxes contain items that total a retail value of well over the cost of the box, and that without the shipping costs.

The only difference that you may have noticed with the November box, was that because the items were smaller in size (although not in value) the box did not appear to be as full as the August edition.

We have received many emails and comments from clients who loved the November box, so I think that maybe we simply didn’t hit the right products for your taste.

I hope that you may come back as a client and give us another chance to prove just how much love and attention we put into creating each box.  The February 2019 edition will be called La Parisienne, and I can honestly tell you that I am bursting with excitement about this box.  We have united some spectacular brands, and the box will be oozing with true Parisian chic and femininity.

with kind wishes from Normandy


Sherry Lee
December 9, 2018

such a wonderful mix of products

All items in the box are exactly what I would have chosen for myself as well. I am overjoyed with my box and thank you so much for all your thoughts, love and effort in creating this box and putting its content together.

I miss France whenever I am not there and your box offered a great surprise with products I was sure to love, so I ordered it and was happy with anticipation ever since. It’s such a wonderful mix of products.

Kati Storck
December 3, 2018

November 2018 Box

Wanted to let you know my hands-down favorite is the scarf!!  Close second is the necklace!  So lovely to open and looking forward to wearing them both over the holidays!
Amy Davis
Amy Davis
December 3, 2018

My friend and I have

My friend and I have just had a lovely Friday afternoon.
We have had our November boxes for 2 weeks, waiting for the right moment to open them together. We are both teachers working in a girls school with 5/6 year olds in their first year of school (What joy.) We have 1 more week of the school year to go before our long summer break and had just finished a extremely busy week which had included a very special Nativity play where are gorgeous little angels stole the show, but we were exhausted. Now was the right time! We have had a very cold, wet, windy spring and the thought of the long hot summer to come is a bit daunting. However out Friday afternoon was perfect. We had our glass of cold French rose, our wedge of French cheese, the French doors open with a waft of breeze coming through. We had already had a chuckle, the fact that we thought we had purchased the box in Australian dollars when in fact it was US dollars. Just in case we were disappointed we had an atlas opened to France with a big highlighted dot on Normandy to remind us the box had actually come from France. As we opened each parcel we oohed and aahed. We loved everything, my friend the candle and I just loved the candle holders. The necklace we both were not too sure about but decided with the right outfit it could be perfect after all it was French -from France!!!!
We are now planning to make this our treat again next year , what fun we had.
Thank you Sharon
Merry Christmas to you and your family,




Dear Debbie


Thank you so much for your lovely message.  I can picture you and your friend sitting together and opening the box with the glass of wine and French cheese!  Thank you for painting that image for us, I love it!

I hope that you will both enjoy the February box just as much.  It will be called La Parisienne, and will be full of feminine and iconic items to make you and your girlfriend feel very French indeed.


Thank you for your custom, and happy Christmas in Australia!




Debbie Adams
November 30, 2018

My November Treat

You’ve done it again! You have put together THE most special box for November. So many lovely treasures inside waiting for me to discover. I can tell I’m not alone in the way I open my box, slowly and with childlike anticipation. I appreciate all of the thought you put in to each treasure you pick out!



Dear Vicky, thank you so much for leaving your kind comment.   Every box is an adventure, each one prepared with so much thought and care, but once they set off from France I always have a fleeting moment of wondering “will they like it?”.   I’m so happy with all the messages and emails we’ve received from clients again for this box … and super excited about the February box that will be called La Parisienne !

warmest wishes


Vicky Dickens
November 23, 2018

the most beautiful box yet

I just finished opening and looking at the treasures in my November Stylish French Box. I had to sit for a while and catch my breath after opening and loving each one of the beautiful French items. I’m going to give the decorative candle holders to a friend who will love them. I can’t wait to see her reaction! I will love and treasure the other French gems! This is the most beautiful box yet! Merci beaucoup and Joyeux Noel…🎄




Dear Deanne,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! It brings us such joy to hear that you enjoyed the November box so much!
We hope the items continue to bring you happiness for years to come. 🙂  And wish you a Merry Christmas and beautiful holiday season.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

November 21, 2018

A lovely pre-Christmas gift

The November 2018 box is my first box and I love it. So many little treasures and so unique! My husband knew how excited I was and while I fished the package from behind the door in the middle of the afternoon, I wanted us to open it together. He made a fire and set out a cheese plate and with a glass of wine in hand I opened it when I came home from work. It was like a mini-Christmas without the tree. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience — the anticipation, the opening, the gifts. And I have also appreciated the outstanding customer service employed by Sharon, Emily and Molly. Thank you!




Dear Elizabetth,

We are thrilled that you enjoyed the November 2018 box and that you and your husband had such fun opening it. We couldn’t imagine a better scenario to fully experience the opening! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for your order.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Elizabeth Giraud
November 19, 2018

my christmas gift list

bonjour! I just wanted to let you know that I received my first box in August and I was amazed by the size of the box and the quality of the contents. So happy in fact that I am gifting a box to each of my daughters and my sisters – christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier . Thank you Sharon for putting so much care into these beautiful gifts from France

MaryAnne Calstro




Dear MaryAnne,

That is so wonderful to hear and how special to be giving these to your daughters and sisters for Christmas! We hope each lovely lady enjoys their box of surprises. Thank you so much for your order and continued support of My Stylish French Box.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

MaryAnne Calstro
November 12, 2018

lovely surprise!!

It has been such a pleasure to receive a box, every three months!!
They are completely different every time!
Thank you!




Dear Maria,

We are thrilled that you enjoy receiving the box of surprises every three months! It means so much for us to hear from clients like you! Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this next box as much as the last.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Maria Altamirano
September 26, 2018

Lovely May Box

I am so happy to say that today I gave the May box to my adult daughter for her birthday! She opened it while I watched on FaceTime. It was so special and fun. She loved everything in it and remarked on the fragrance as she opened it.
As a graphic designer, she especially loved the antique paper wreath….she could appreciate the craftsmanship of it. All of the items from the watercolor to the candle she loved….thought they smelled so fresh and French! Thank you for such a wonderful way for me to say happy birthday to her! ( she envied my November box last year!!)




Dear Barbara,

What a special moment to spend with your daughter! We are so pleased she enjoyed the May box, and especially loved the antique paper wreath. Thank you so much for being a client.

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

Barbara Hemphill
September 21, 2018

Such a treat!

Sharon, the August French Box was such a treat to open!   I love the contents, all of which will be used over and over in my kitchen.   I think the recipe cards and booklet of your own personal recipes was a fabulous addition.  They make me feel as though I’ve been invited into your own kitchen.   I so appreciate your time and talent in selecting just the right items for each box!


Vicky (from Athens)




Dear Vicky,

Thank you so much! We are thrilled that you enjoyed the August box. We take such pleasure in sharing these items with you after carefully curating the boxes each quarter. Happy cooking!

With warm wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

August 20, 2018

Perfect Choices

Thank you for such a lovely August box! This could have been tailor made for me! Every item in the box was obviously very thoughtfully chosen, and of beautiful quality. I am a copper and antique linen addict, and also a foodie, so the beautiful cannele moulds, copper candle and apron went into my kitchen immediately. In addition, the little watercolour is very pretty. My suggestions for future boxes – keep the same beautiful things coming! Anything copper, linen, natural, olive wood, would all be perfect! Thank you again.

August 19, 2018

Not brocante

Sorry Sharon.

I purchased the May box as a present for my sister’s 60th birthday. I was so excited before it arrived, however when I saw what was inside the box I was pretty disappointed and I really don’t feel that it delivered value for money.

The paper wreath might have been made from old books but that didn’t make it a brocante item, and I can see it getting damaged very quickly.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of people purchasing the boxes have more money than they know what to do with, but for me, I felt that my hard earned cash didn’t purchase very much at all and the experience made my feel quite deflated.




Dear Susan

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.  We take note of every single comment and email from our clients, and we are always trying to improve our offer.

I am very sorry that you were disappointed in the wreath that was included in our May box.    It was hand made with leaves cut from antique books, antique engravings and antique linen.     We have received many positive comments about the wreath from clients who have either hung it on a wall, framed or unframed, or simply propped the wreath on a shelf.

We are very careful when we choose the products for our boxes that the US retail value is higher than the price paid.  Also, as you know the price of the box includes all shipping costs.

The other items in the box included a hand made porcelain ring cup; two high quality cosmetic products; a very special luxury candle, as well as a necklace and a handy bag.  I  am confident that our clients got value for their money, as with all of our boxes.

If ever you wish to come back and try out another box you would be most welcome

with kind wishes



Suzanne Salmon
August 16, 2018

The perfect birthday present

The box arrived on Friday.
Happiness ensued…
I can’t thank you enough for working your magic and getting an extra box prepared for my wife’s birthday. Tracy is absolutely over the moon!
I must admit that I am equally as impressed with the contents of the box.  Having read about the concept and seeing past editions online does not truly prepare one for the actual unveiling if you will. There is obviously a lot of thought and passion packed into these little boxes. We have traveled to France on a number of occasions. It’s like opening up a little slice of the country.  This edition’s artwork brought me right back to a summer I spent in Provence as a child.  For Tracy it was the savon de Marseille.  For a couple of minutes, at least, we were right back in France.
Thank you again for everything that you did to facilitate the timely arrival of the gift. I am happy to report that after the triumphant arrival of our first box that you now have a client for life.
Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for your review! It was our pleasure to make this happen for your wife and we are so pleased she enjoyed her present! We hope she enjoys her future boxes.
All the best,
The My Stylish French Box team
August 13, 2018

I can’t wait for the next one!

I came home last night to my beautiful box of loveliness! I will wait to post pics; I adore everything! Beautiful packaging!!!!!!


Dear Teri,

We are so pleased that you enjoyed your box! (and thanks for keeping the surprise alive for all!)

With kind regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

August 13, 2018

A Beautiful Surprise Everytime…..

I ordered this box at first as a one time thing, I felt it was a little expensive and could not think of a good reason to keep getting it, my first box showed up and then the second, and I was so surprised and taken aback at what was in these boxes, they cover every sense in the human body and the box is so delightful, to open it is a treasure on its own when you open the shipping box and then “THE BOX”, you can’t imagine what could be packed in this little box, but oh my the treasures that await the senses is amazing… and just when you think it can not get any better here comes another box full of sensory pleasures.. there are so many goodies in these little boxes that are worth every penny, In a day and age of getting cookie cutter items, that to be honest don’t really offer a lot this is a true treasure to get in the mail of doom and gloom… If nothing else try this box of goodies at least one time and let your life have a true old world experience, You won’t be sorry and I bet you order again, even if it is only for special occasions or holidays, you really won’t be sorry…..



Dear Tammy,

Thank you dearly for your review. It is such a pleasure to hear from clients such as yourself. We take pride in finding unique products for the boxes that cannot be found anywhere else and are thrilled to bring these little treasures to you. We are so happy you liked the experience of opening the box too! That is such a big part of it- from the smell to the different textures. Thank you so much for being a client and we cannot wait to bring you even more surprises in the coming months.

With kind wishes,

The My Stylish French Box team


Tammy Fox
August 12, 2018

Love the products

I loved the boxes but the change is price ia rather steep. I think i am not going to be able to afford now wish u had kept the original members at the lower rate so they didn’t have to stop the subscription. Very disappointed!!




Dear Donna,   thank you for your feedback and thank you for your custom.    We understand that you would have preferred being kept at the original rate, and believe me if we could have done that we would!       As a goodwill gesture, all of our original clients benefitted from an additional two boxes at the old price before we changed their subscription to the new price, and as you know we wrote to each person concerned to explain the change before it came into effect.

We work hard to curate a box of high-end French products for our clients to enjoy.   We never include sample sizes or inferior quality items and of course shipping worldwide is included in our sales price.

We hope that in the future you will feel happy to return either as a subscriber or as a one-off gift purchaser; either way you will always be most welcome.


with kind wishes

Sharon Santoni

Donna brookerd
August 6, 2018

Great Customer Service

Brilliant & Amazing are the words that come to mind when I think of Sharon of My Stylish french box. My mother had difficulties trying to purchase the Yearly Subscription Box and time was an issue to get the order before the purchase deadline. After several attempts to figure out her technical issue, Sharon reached out to my mother from France to Seattle and walked my mom though the purchase process. I am amazed with the level of customer service and how My Stylish french box went above and beyond the typical customer service standards. I highly recommend My Stylish french box not just for their amazing product but their superb level of customer service and attention to detail. Thank you Sharon for taking such good care of my mother.



Thank YOU so much. Your kind words were read at one of our team meetings and made our day! We are so happy to have helped, and to have your sweet mom as a client! We hope she enjoys her boxes and all the fun little surprises.

With kindest regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

Michael Roberts
July 27, 2018

my first box and I am hooked!

Oh Sharon! Where to start?! I love love love this box. I have never subscribed to a box before and I was a little nervous, so I just signed up for the one shot Gift box. Now I heading back to sign up for the year!
My granddaughters helped me open the box and they were as excited as me! My very favorite item is the ring cup, thank you for finding this artist. I also love the hand cream and the string bag, so useful. The candle is burning as I write this comment, and I have to tell you that I am already impatient for August to arrive.
Thank you for the care you obviously take to make our experience very special indeed



Dear Sandy,

We are so delighted to hear that! Thank you so much for being a client. We hope you enjoy the August box!

With kind regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

Sandy Birch
June 6, 2018

My feelings of anticipation rise

My feelings of anticipation rise as I await each new box. They just get better and better! I am really thrilled with the Apicia products as I use all-natural/organic beauty products. I have never had a real French filet bag before. I am devoted to Saint Michael the Archangel and we love ropes and thread and string. This unites us in the never-ending movement of the tides of life. The handmade ring cup is exquisite. I love trinket dishes. This reminds me of a shell polished by the elements resting on a piece of driftwood. I felt the wreath was chosen “just for me”. It is something I would choose if I were out shopping for myself and hoping to find a treasure. The antique linen and pages from books are symbolic for me. The gardenia and the tomato represent Paradise. Some white bead necklaces can look “old lady”. The size of the beads, the string tassel and the gold disk make this one fresh and age-less. The watercolors filled me with a longing to finally fill a home with the treasures from all the boxes.


Dear Carol,

We are so pleased that you enjoyed each and every one of the contents of the May box and love that we are able to meet those expectations each box! Thank you so much for being a client.

With kindest regards,

The My Stylish French Box team

May 29, 2018

a little disappointed

I have been a subscriber to My Stylish French Box since the beginning and have enjoyed it thoroughly until May 2018

I was considering a role as Ambassador but I am a little unsure of the future direction of the Box..
May’s box included a wreath – which as the representative of something brocante was … disappointing. It did not have much appeal or a sense of something special and is likely not to last long due to its fragile (flimsy) nature. Something truly brocante carries a special history with it – which I think everyone treasures
The net bag – while a staple of French shoppers is also widely used in the U. S. now – and is one of the lesser attractive choices for bringing your own bag to the store now in the U.S.

I know your prices have risen and that you are hoping to focus on things of value rather than volume… I hope you are able to follow through on this.
Thank you for the brilliant concept – just sorry about May
Patricia Margaret


Dear Patricia

First of all thank you for your custom and for your honest input.  We take note of all the comments and feedback from our clients, and we try to build on our experience and do better with each box.

I’m sorry that you didn’t appreciate the wreath.  I realise that this was a new twist on the brocante element, but as it is made only with antique engravings, pages from antique books and also antique linen, I thought that it had a charm of its own.    To reassure you, in the coming boxes we have individual brocante items lined up for you that I hope you will enjoy.

The net bag is something that I use myself.  I like that I can have it in the bottom of a handbag, or in the car ready to use, and that it never looks creased or ruffled.  Also these are very fashionable right now, so we thought that our clients would enjoy this fun item.

I hope that you will reconsider your initial idea of becoming an ambassador for the box, as a longtime client, I’m sure you would be fantastic!

We are busy preparing the August box now, and I’m happy to tell you that it is all about French cuisine.  As usual we aim to bring you uniquely French items, with a US retail value well above the purchase price for the box.

with warm regards from Normandy


Patricia Margaret Bidwill
May 29, 2018

Stylish Treasure Box

My box just arrived! What an enchanting and feminine delight! And of course, French in the best possible way!
Many thanks for all the special gifts. It’s truly a stylish treasure box that will be enjoyed for many years to come!
Sandy Fisher

Sandy Fisher
May 26, 2018

Wonderful Wonderful!

I am in absolute love with each box I receive! I can hardly wait for the next one!

I love each of the French products… they’re so unique! Being introduced to new Parisian items each quarter is almost like being in France! I’m getting ready to order some of the Christmas tea, the lovely Godet soap and a candle because I have got to have more!!

Merci, Sharon, for your attention to each detail, to the box and all of its contents!

❤️Sandi Holland King❤️

Sandra Holland King
May 26, 2018

Always anticipating the next box!

Belated thanks for the February box contents. I loved the edibles and the vintage cutlery. Finally got the pillow insert and the pillow is gracing my guest room. I love a little black in a room! Looking forward to May’s!

May 24, 2018

Does anyone have an extra February box or Charvet pillow to sell?

Unfortunately, I signed up too late for the February box. If anyone has an extra box (or even just the Charvet pillow), I’d love to purchase it from you.

Thank you.

Kim Diemer

Kim Diemer
March 14, 2018


This is my favorite box!
I use each item with joy and pleasure!(just ordeted another divine Godet soap!)
My husband and I lived in Paris as newlyweds(53 years ago!)and were frequent visitors to Versailles.Brings back such happy memories,
Including the charming watercolor by Celine.Looks just like the boutique des fleurs next to our apartment.
We would pass several times a day and admire the blooms.
My husband framed it and hung it for me!Just lovely!

Natalia Radula
March 7, 2018

just when you think your stylish french box couldn’t get any better, it does!

the february box is my fourth stylish french box and may be my favorite! the linen pillow cover within this box may be my all-time favorite item in all four boxes. all three linen items i’ve received have been exquisite: the may box tote bag, the november box table runner and the february pillow cover!! my friend and i both subscribe to stylish french box. when they arrive, we go to our local french cafe for lunch. we open our boxes together, pausing to admire and discuss each beautifully wrapped piece! merci beaucoup for procuring such special items from france! no pressure sharon, but how will you ever top this one?

ruth ann berwanger
March 3, 2018

Tres magnifique!!!!

Tres magnifique!!!!

February 28, 2018

The Best Box Yet

This is my fourth box and best yet. I have been to Versailles and visited both the royal palace and Marie Antoinette’s “more comfortable area.” It was beautiful, but not me. I was not really thrilled with the theme of this box BUT as always, when it arrived, it was like Christmas! I carefully dissected the box and found so many wondrous items. The petits sables are fantastic – you can smell the butter in them before you bite! Le Soft Pefume – what a fabulous soft and romantic fragrance. The fan, the make-up brushes, body soap and everything else – you have outdone yourself yet again, Sharon!!

As always, you do not disappoint!! What a wonderful treat to receive. Thank you for looking throughout France for home-made items. The tea in the Christmas box was splendid and I ordered a box for my daughter-in-law as a Christmas gift.

Blessings to you for sharing the best of France!
Ellen from Cleveland Ohio

Ellen Forbus
February 28, 2018


Ever since I was 15 years old and visited Versailles I have been fascinated by Marie Antoinette. Being half Austrian and a devout Francophile I love all things Marie Antoinette. So thank you so much for bringing this beautiful box to California. This is my second box and it is a true treasure. Your sense of style and elegance are infectious and such a gift. I cannot wait for the next box.

Christina Woods
February 27, 2018


Hi Sharon, this is my first box, and it was wonderful. It was so special for my Mom who lives with me and is turning 100 in a couple of months. She was especially thrilled, because her mother came from France. So Special!! Neither one of us has ever been to France, but you are inspiring me….can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks, Kat

Kathleen Thommes
February 27, 2018

Absolutely Feminine treats

I just love this box! I have received all the others, but this one stands out for me, particularly because I am a collector of Fans and was delighted to receive and learn of the history behind the company of the French Fan, just beautiful. The delightful vintage silverware is also wonderful, and what a treat Sables, I look forward to savouring them. The brushes arrived just in time as I was in need of new ones, and these are beautifully crafted and an excellent size. In fact, everything in the box is gorgeous!

Thank you once again Sharon, you have excelled yourself.

Wendy Conyers
February 27, 2018

February treasurers

I just received the February box. I love everything in it and have enjoyed holding, smelling and savoring every item! I can’t wait for the May box! It is almost a pity to use the lovely items, but I know that after I savor them for a day or two I will take them out of the box and use them throughout my home. It smells so wonderful, too. I would love to get a piece of antique jewelry in the May box since my birthday is in May. Would also love something lavender: a soap, tea, chocolate, a watercolor photo..anything lavender!

Janet Brethauer
February 27, 2018


Beautiful items, some smell so lovely!

Carolyn Withers
February 26, 2018


Simply, spectacular as usual!!!!
Thank you!

Maria Altamirano
February 26, 2018


Simply, spectacular as usual!!!!
Thank you!

Maria Altamirano
February 26, 2018

Absolutely Lovely!

Hi Sharon, when the subject of this box was Marie Antoinette I knew I had to have it and wasn’t disappointed. It’s wonderful. I love everything! The soft perfume is lovely and the soap is a work of art. The makeup brushes were such a surprise and such good quality. I just can’t compliment you enough, thank you. P.S. I’m in love with the beautiful fan.

Tammie Pruett
February 25, 2018


This is my first Stylish French Box, and it is exquisite. Having spent 15 summers in St. Paul de Vence, I was especially excited with the soap. Opening each treasure was sublime. The packaging and presentation was so well done….thank you! We will be back in France this Fall……can hardly wait.

Gladyce Coval
February 24, 2018


Sharon- Your “My Stylish French Boxes” keep getting better & better! I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning, and so look forward to my box’s arrival! I thought Christmas was my favorite, but the Marie Antoinette is fabulous! Thank you so much for putting together such wonderful treasures! Best- Katie W

Kate Wolter
February 23, 2018

Sharon, I just spent a

Sharon, I just spent a leisurely half hour or so enjoying the experience of opening my February box and discovering all of the wonderful treasures inside. The minute I opened the box and caught a whiff of a delicate fragrance I knew this box would be extra special. What exquisite things you’ve chosen for us. Marie Antoinette would be green with envy if she were looking over my shoulder. Thank you for introducing me to these delightful products and brand names that I’ll be sure to look for when I visit France next time.
The Stylish French Box is my favorite guilty pleasure!

Vicky Dickens
February 23, 2018


I just wanted to let you know that I was one of your very first subscribers , in fact I signed up the day you announced the boxes, and so I received all four boxes last year. I loved them all! So much that I have just taken out a new yearly subscription. Among my favourite items were the Olive en Provence body scrub, the table runner, the Fragonard guest soaps and of course the candles … the Bastide candle in August was truly divine! Thanks to you I have discovered new brands, and I’m looking forward to more deliciousness this year, and of course having a new set of watercolours to frame for my wall! Thank you so much for the care and time you put into every detail, it is SO appreciated, Cheri x

Cheri Hansen
January 17, 2018

Wonderful assorted treasures

I love, love, LOVE getting my quarterly fabulous French box! Everything beautiful and unique is taken out one item at a time, with gasps and sighs. I may remove several treasures for immediate use, or set one or two aside for gifting, but carefully replace in their great box, to be able to pour over again with great delight! This is my guiltiest pleasure!

Ginger J Valdes
January 12, 2018

Birthday Gifts & Adding French to a Renovation

Dear Sharon,
What a joyful 2017 it has been with the French experience of the four My Stylish French boxes over the year. I decided to give a gift box to each of my three daughters for their birthday and one for myself, of course and conveniently, there was a birthday each quarter. After receiving the first box and seeing how gorgeous the items were and how thrilled my daughter was, I decided to order an extra box each quarter to add a French touch to the renovation and addition of four bedrooms to our holiday house and what a wonderful decision that was!

The boxes are just beautiful and so unique in their array of surprises. Our holiday house will have the lovely water colours in each bedroom and a place for all the fragrances and objets d’art. I am so thrilled I can’t wait for the next four boxes this year as the renovation is not yet finished and I’m sure after it is, there will be plenty of reasons to keep on ordering, they are exquisite with beautiful fragrances that keep on giving…..such a wonderful gift!
Kind regards,
Wendy Conyers, Australia

Wendy Conyers
January 9, 2018


Hi Sharon, I just wanted to let you know that it may be early January but I am already impatient for my February box to arrive! This will be my fourth box, because I first signed up last March, and you have honestly made me so happy. When my box arrives I make myself a coffee and sit down somewhere quiet, to fully savour the moment. I love the ribbons, the packaging and the perfume, and your beautiful choice of items!
I haven’t been to France for many years, but your boxes take me back each time and I have to tell you that you are the only person who sends me such gorgeous surprise gift packages, thank you so much! Mary

Mary Cornell
January 8, 2018

the best christmas gift!

It’s been a difficult year for me for health reasons, and my sister Jane wanted to gift me something extra special for Christmas. When I opened the Stylish French Box on Christmas Day I actually cried! Everything is so beautiful and special. I feel like it was hand picked just for me, thank you Sharon and Happy New Year

Marjory Haynes
December 28, 2017

You know me so well!

Merci mille fois for this November Box. I thought I knew every candle made, but the one in this box is better than any other.
I love each treasure that you send, it’s like you know me so well! Sensational. I can hardly wait to receive my next Box.
Kathy Gahagan

Kathy Gahagan
December 19, 2017


Love your blog and your box and hope to one day visit Paris! Ahhhhh…always look forward to your fresh take on beauty.

Barbara Novello
December 19, 2017

French Bijoux

What a treasure I have found for myself in Sharon’s Stylish French Boxes! As a yearly subscriber I can’t wait for my new box to arrive and I have been blown away with the bijoux (treasures) inside. I just want to say confidently that if anyone is in doubt please give it a try you will not be disappointed. I have already signed up for another yearly subscription and can’t wait for my next box to arrive, each box is exquisitely put together especially just for me! (or at least that is how I feel) my sister in laws are like little girls who want to look, touch, and smell everything I receive and can’t wait to see what I share with them. Thank you very much Sharon your French boxes bring so much pleasure to me.

Katherin Florio
Toronto Canada

Katherin Florio (Kat)
December 14, 2017

Magical, beautiful treasures.

I have received three boxes and send a fourth to a friend. All of them are lovely and filled with very high quality, special treasures! These are definitely not the tourist-y junk subscription boxes found elsewhere! As soon as I see the box on my doorstep, a high, zen like feeling comes over me. I make sure I’m comfortable and not rushed when I open the box and savor and enjoy holding and smelling each item. Magical may be the best word to describe it. And all of the items are usable, giving you much pleasure to do so; nothing you will set aside not knowing what to do with. I even use the boxes to store keepsakes or cards. You will not be disappointed. The quality of these boxes is extraordinary.

Patricia Kennedy
December 13, 2017

November Treasure

The November box was the first I ordered and received . I waited for it with anticipation . What a delightful surprise it was. It was filled with many lovely items . I have kept some for myself and will use others for Christmas gifts for ” special” friends. As I opened it, the fragrance from the candle brought memories of times I traveled in France .
I look forward to ordering others in the future as a elegant treat!

Carolyn Withers
December 13, 2017

A treasure chest

I received my first box (astonishingly fast from the notification that it was on its way) and was thrilled. It was a birthday present to myself and what a true treat. I was so pleased with and every item. It was like opening a treasure chest with each gift as beautiful as the next. I can’t wait for my next box. What a pleasure and amazingly brilliant idea.

Christina Woods
December 11, 2017

a gift to myself

The November box is my third box. I wished that I would have subscribed from the beginning. But after receiving my second box, I purchased a subscription. I’m so happy I did.
I feel this is the nicest way to treat yourself. These boxes are special to me, because they contain lovely items that I couldn’t find on my own. I can hardly wait for the package to arrive at my door step. Thank you so much for curating these treasures.

Emilie Nicklawsky
December 9, 2017

November box

Thank you for my first French Box! I loved all of the items especially the beaded bracelet and the linen table runner!
It just smelled like a Christmas in Paris with the fragrant candle and all of the other lovely gifts. It was a real treat I gave to myself! Thanks again!

Barbara Hemphill
December 8, 2017

Tresors from France

I have received four Stylish French Boxes and each one was wonderful, the contents of each box so different from the previous one. Opening each box slowly and savoring the anticipation as I unwrap each surprise – I feel like a child at Christmas! And everything is so beautifully presented. Since I can’t get to France very often, having a box of French treats arrive every three months is way to enjoy a place I love.
Thank you, Sharon, for selecting such special gifts.

Vicky Dickens
December 8, 2017

Beautiful Holiday Box!

This is my second box,and it is beautifully done! I especially like that some of the items are from local artisans. I feel like a little bit of France is right in my home. Thanks for including a little something for me,as well as for my home & friends.

Phyllis Stier
December 8, 2017

My Stylish French boxes are

My Stylish French boxes are a luxurious treat that I look forward to receiving in the post every few months. Beautifully presented in the signature white box tied up with satin ribbon, each item is carefully wrapped and the process of unwrapping is an event that I savour to the fullest.
The carefully curated contents are a wee bit of luxury with a distinctive French flair. These lovely items help keep my holiday memories of Paris and the south of France very much alive…almost like going back to France every time my box arrives!
Sharon and her team seek out the very best products and send a wonderful array of treats…
lovely soaps, candles, scarves, rose scented balm, and antique pieces from the brocantes.
I am already thinking and dreaming of what surprises might be on the way in the next delivery of My Stylish French Box!

Leslie Lord
December 8, 2017

A Special Remembrance

I just wanted to thank you for the exquiste November box. I had a special moment of true surprise and delight! Never expected to be transported by such unique and beautifully curated items back to France! Merci, Margaret (Mass)

Margaret Mass
December 8, 2017

I LOVE my first box!

Sharon, I LOVE my first box! My husband said he enjoyed watching my joy while opening each beautifully presented “surprise”. Each gift was special and well-chosen. The box itself was pretty and sturdy. The satin ribbon was a perfect added touch.
Having so enjoyed this box, I will now subscribe for all the yearly boxes.

Thank you for choosing such great gifts. I shall look forward with great anticipation to each new box.


December 8, 2017

Lovely treasures

I am so happy with my first box. Excited at your choices. Thank you!! I will be renewing my subscription. Quality,beautiful, thoughtful and useful .

December 8, 2017

A bit of France, antique and new, delivered quarterly

I loved every single box, and the fact that each one included findings from the “brocantes” of France, lovingly curated by Sharon with her exquisite taste, made the experience even more exciting. The cosmetics, the perfumed candles, the local products made by artisans have been all lovely and high quality. If you love France, antique shops, authentic products, My Stylish French Box is a real treat.

Alina Tarmu
December 8, 2017


Thank you for the lovely box, it was a gift to me from my husband and I loved everything about it!

Jane Hart
December 8, 2017

So pleased with my box !

I loved my November box and these gifts from France arrived just in time for me to add that special touch to my home for holidays ! Thank you !

Eloise Hart
December 8, 2017

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