sourcing antiques for the box

As My Stylish French Box has grown, our methods for curating products for each box have changed and evolved. Finding beautiful antique items for all of our boxes, all in good quality and condition, and that go along with our seasonal theme is not always an easy task!

Fortunately Sharon counts many reputable dealers around France as friends, having worked with them for years both personally and professionally.

Learn more about shopping at French antique markets HERE

The dealers welcome the opportunity to supply the box, and they love the idea of their items winging their way around the world in our boxes.

My Stylish French Box November 2018
antique sugar tongs from our November 2018 box

When we pick our theme, we try to think of an antique piece that fits comfortably with the other contents of the box. Our antique piece may be useful like the antique sugar tongs that were in our November 2018 box; decorative like the 18th century botanical print in our August 2019 box, or just plain pretty like the chandelier tiers transformed into Christmas tree decorations in our first year.

antiques linens, May 2019 box- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX
antique linens from our May 2019 box- read more about how to care for them HERE

We only accept items in perfect condition. A chipped glass, or a damaged napkin does not get through our inspection. Any textiles are laundered, any silverware polished, and glass or crystal is sparkly clean, and all done by our in-house team to be sure we don’t miss anything. We want our clients to be able to unpack and use directly.

Antique botanical print- My Stylish French Box August 2019
the antique botanical print included in the August 2019 box

We still have a ton of ideas for antique treasure to include in the boxes, but if ever you think of something that you dream of receiving, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.